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Fanny Barry


  Fanny Barry is a native of Boston, Massachusetts who moved to Tulum Mexico after surviving breast cancer.  She is a writer, artist, engineer, and yoga teacher who moved to Tulum to build her life's dream against some fairly steep odds.  She blogs at her website and has written emotional support booklets for breast cancer patients called, I Wish I Knew...  

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Alessandra Benvenuti


  Alessandra was born in 1969 in Arezzo -Tuscany.  In spring 2001 she started her own business, the best in the world:  she rents her family villa in the Tuscan countryside where she  hosts guests from all around the world!   She has a degree in political science and studied racial discrimination in the USA, particularly Supreme Court's decisions.

She is married to Massimo Boncompagni and they have 2 children: Federico 12 years old, and Elena 8 years old.  

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Jeff Trapani

Jeff Trapani was born in Easton, Pennsylvania. He has spent nearly half a century exploring the wood


Jeff Trapani was born in Easton, Pennsylvania. He has spent nearly half a century exploring the woods, fields, and waterways throughout Eastern Pennsylvania and Northwestern NJ in an effort to connect with and gain a greater understanding of the natural world, and man's place within it.

Billy Ehrlacher


  Billy Ehrlacher obtained a bachelor's degree in theatre from DeSales University.  Billy has performed all over the Lehigh Valley as well as in New York City.  He has performed his well received cabaret act at The Duplex Cabaret Theatre, Don't Tell Mama, and The Laurie Beechman Theatre all in New York City.  He is  presently working on developing two  web soap operas: g  The Neighborhood and Dumpster City.  Billy Ehrlacher resides in Allentown,PA     

Jim McGarrah


  Marine, social worker, carpet layer, janitor, bartender, race horse trainer, and college professor, McGarrah now lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia.  Jim McGarrah's poems, essays, appear frequently in literary journals such as The American Poetry Journal, Bayou Magazine, Cincinnati Review, Connecticut Review, and North American Review.  He is an award-winning poet and author of four books of poetry: Running the Voodoo Down (Elixir Press, 2003); When the Stars Go Dark (Main Street Rag, 2009); Breakfast at Denny's (Ink Brush Press, 2013) and the Truth About Mangoes (Lamar University Press, 2016).  His memoir of war, A Temporary Sort of Peace(Indiana Historical Society Press, 2007) won the national Eric Hoffer Legacy Non-Fiction Award, and the sequel, The End of an Era, was published in 2011. He is editor, along with Tom Watson, of the anthology Home Again: Essays and Memoirs from Indiana and the former managing editor of Southern Indiana Review.     

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Joe Taleroski


  Joe Taleroski is thrilled to be working with Bathsheba Monk to keep Swanson Herbinko in mysterious circumstances.  A native of Northeastern Pennsylvania, these days you can find him mining for story ideas on the outskirts of Philadelphia, where he lives with his beautiful wife, Andrea.  His hellaciously creative writing has appeared in print, online, and on stage, comprising prose, poetry, comedy, drama, and the occasional X-rated text message.  Joe has (allegedly) never flunked a BuzzFeed quiz, nor lost a two-player game on the classic 1980s arcade shooter Galaga.  Please direct all challenges to      -

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Larry James Neff


  Larry Neff's wry, sardonic, and deeply humane voice brings a forgotten era back to life.  His memories of the many jobs he performed at Bethlehem Steel are remarkably vivid, especially as he recounts the wild and dangerous work of "the Steel's" renegade riggers.  From the waning days of the Vietnam era to the waning days of a powerful American industry, Neff's Rigger recreates a world that many have forgotten, with deep affection for the men and women who performed the treacherous, back-breaking work of making steel.  His book is a gift to his union "brothers and sisters," and to all of us who've stared at those long-quiet stacks and wondered what it must have been like to work, day to day, in the midst of them.   Joyce Hinnefeld, Chair English Dept of Moravian College.     

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Laura Libricz


Pennsylvania native Laura Libricz earned a BA in German at The College of New Paltz, NY in 1991 and moved to Germany, where she resides today. When she isn’t writing she can be found sifting through city archives, picking through castle ruins or aiding the steady flood of musical instruments into the world market. A fascination with the country’s history has led her to recreate the 17th century for English speaking readers in the historical novel series Heaven’s PondThe Master and the Maid is the first book in the series. The Soldier’s Return is the second. 

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Nicholas DiGiovanni


  Nicholas DiGiovanni is a fiction writer, essayist and award-winning journalist. He is a five-time recipient of fellowships at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. His essay collection, 'Man Has Premonition of Own Death,' was inspired by he strange tale of his great-uncle, a 23-year-old carpet-mill worker, in the 1920s -- and by the author's own sudden encounter with serious illness. DiGiovanni grew up in Yonkers, NY.  He is missed.

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Paul Misencik


   At the age of four Paul took his first airplane ride in a 1929 Ford Trimotor, made of corrugated aluminum and lovingly nicknamed the “Tin Goose.” From then on, Paul was hooked on airplanes, learning to fly before he could drive. Paul is a native of Northern Ohio. Graduated University of Akron, 1963, M.A. American History specializing in Native American Culture and Colonial American History. 

In 1967, Paul was hired as a pilot with Eastern Airlines and flew as a captain, flight instructor, and check-airman until they ceased operations in 1991. He flew as an international airline captain with four other airlines including USAfrica Airways which was headquartered in Reston, Virginia.
In 1996 Paul was hired as a major air carrier investigator with the National Transportation Safety Board and in 1998 he was promoted to his present position as the chief of the operational factors division at the NTSB.
Paul has been married to Sally Misencik since 1963, and they live in Reston, Virginia. 

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Vincent Francone


  Vincent Francone was born in 1971.  A veteran of the legendary Aspidistra Bookshop, he spent years as an autodidact before earning a BA from Roosevelt University, where he now teaches first year composition and the occasional literature class, and an MA from Northwestern University.  His work has been published in Rhino, New City, Akashic, and The Oklahoma Review among other journals, and he won first place in the 2009 Illinois Emerging Writers Competition.  He lives in Chicago with his wife and his Chihuahua, Haruki.  

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Maddy Wells


Maddy Wells is the author of the "Have a Life" young adult series.  She worries that the books are dark, but then cheers herself with the knowledge that life is dark.

Paul Heller


Paul is the author of the #1 kindle bestselling book, Last Call: My Mother's Descent into Darkness.  He is a Princeton grad and the editor-in-chief at Blue Heron Book Works.

Lynnie Godfrey


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Bathsheba Monk


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Jeff Weiss


Six time Obie winner, Jeff Weiss, is the epitome of East Village theatre in the 60s and 70s.  His play cycle, "...and that's how the rent gets paid" is an icon of revolutionary gay theater.

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Richard Martinez


Richard Martinez is the impresario of the  off off broadway theater company, Good Medicine and Company.  A painter, composer, as well as playwright, he is the engine that propelled his life-long partner, Jeff Weiss, into the exciting world of underground art and helped keep him sane.  He is missed

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Dale Robinson


Dale is literally a tinker, tailor, soldier and spy.  He has been involved in adventures all around the world, before landing a gig as head cameraman at a big TV station, and then losing that due to anger management issues and finding himself on the street.