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Bathsheba Monk


Bathsheba Monk is the founder and publisher of Blue Heron Book Works, LLC.  She is the author of two novels published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux, one which was named a Chicago Tribune Best Book of 2006 and she is the creator of the Swanson Herbinko Murder Mystery series now being made into radio plays. She is the author of  3 stage plays which have been produced by Godlee Entertainment and is now working on turning the talented work of Blue Heron Book Work authors as well as other original stories into drama for the tiny screen.  Bathsheba is an Army veteran. She lived most of her adult life in Europe, where she earned her BA in Heidelberg, Germany, and Boston, Massachusetts, where she earned her MFA from Emerson College. She lives in Allentown, Pennsylvania where Blue Heron Book Works is located.

Paul Heller


Paul Heller is the editor-in-chief of Blue Heron Book Works. A poet as well as a memoirist, he is the author of the bestselling ebook, "Last Call" about caring for his mother who had Alzheimer's. Paul is working on a five book science fiction series. Paul furnishes New York City restaurants and clubs and is a graduate of the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University.

Mary Lawlor, PhD



Mary Lawlor has written a novel The Time Keeper’s Room, and published a memoir, Fighter Pilot’s Daughter: Growing Up in the Sixties and the Cold War (Rowman and Littlefield 2013); and two other books, Recalling the Wild: Naturalism and the Closing of the American West (Rutgers University Press 2000), and Public Native America: Tribal Self Representations in Casinos, Museums, and Powwows (Rutgers University Press, 2006). 

She attended the American College in Paris and graduated from the University of Maryland. She earned an MA and PhD in English and American literature at at New York University and since then has been a Professor of English and American Studies at Muhlenberg College in Pennsylvania. 

She spends half the year in Easton, Pennsylvania and the other half at her mountain home in Andalucia, Spain—the setting of The Time Keeper’s Room.

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Ben Roylance


 Ben Roylance is a writer, teacher, and bookseller living in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. He sells used and vintage books as Apport Used Books. His first collection of poems, The Chymical Wedding of Benjamin Roylance, is available from Apport Editions.  

Pamela J. Boyer


 Pamela J. Boyer was a researcher and editor at Rodale Press for more than twenty years. She lives in Bethlehem PA with her husband and two dogs. Her spare time is spent reading, painting, reading, gardening and reading.